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Research interests

  • Applications of logic in Artificial Intelligence
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Higher-order social cognition 

Short biography

Current position
Rineke Verbrugge is full professor, holding the chair of Logic and Cognition at the University of Groningen's Institute of Artificial Intelligence ALICE since May 2009. She is a pioneer in building bridges between logic and cognitive science.
From 2002, she has been the leader of the Multi-agent Systems research group in Groningen as an associate professor and adjunct professor. She started working at the University of Groningen as an assistant professor in 1997.

Past positions
In 1988, Rineke Verbrugge received a M.Sc. (cum laude) followed in 1993 by a Ph.D, both in Logic and Foundations of Mathematics and both from the University of Amsterdam. Subsequently, she was post-doc at the Universities of Prague and Gothenburg, and Assistant Professor at MIT in Cambridge (MA) and the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. During her time at MIT she transfered from mathematical logic to artificial intelligence, focusing on logics for multi-agent systems.

Publishing and editing
Rineke Verbrugge has published a large number of research papers and some books, most recently "Teamwork in Multi-Agent Systems: A Formal Approach" (Wiley 2010) written together with prof Barbara Dunin-Kęplicz. She has led the large international NIAS theme group "Games, Action, and Social Software" in 2006-2007, together with prof. Jan van Eijck. The theme group resulted in the book "Discourses on Social Software" (Amsterdam University Press 2009), among others. She is member of the editorial board of Journal of Philosophical Logic and Associate editor of the Journal of Logic, Language and Information.

Rineke Verbrugge is chair of the Netherlands Organization for Logic and the Philosophy of Science (VvL) and the program committee of the NWO Cognition Program. As for conferences, she is co-chair of the series Formal Approaches to Multi-Agent Systems (FAMAS) together with prof. Barbara Dunin-Kęplicz. She also acted as program chair of the Twentieth European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information in Hamburg in 2008.

In 2008, Rineke Verbrugge was awarded an NWO Vici grant for the project "Cognitive systems in interaction: logical and computational models of higher-order social cognition".  In 2009, she was awarded the Educator of the Year Award of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Groningen.


Brilliant birds?

PLoS ONE published the paper "Corvid Re-Caching without ‘Theory of Mind’: A Model" by Elske van der Vaart, Rineke Verbrugge and Charlotte Hemelrijk on March 1, 2012.
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